NEWS: Destination Nürburgring April Private Track Event

Destination Nürburgring (DN) has opened bookings for their first Nordschleife private track event of the year on April 2nd and 3rd, priced at £749 for both days. But be quick, as places on the event are set to sell out fast, with a real shortage of quality TDO's offering Green Hell events this year.
And as if you needed much more encouragement, Road and Ring super snapper pal, Jochen from Frozenspeed will be providing free photographs!
Darren Langeveld who runs DN said: "I've noticed a growing trend of third parties offering Nürburgring track days, with one UK based website in particular seemingly 'passing off' other operators events as their own. 'Passing Off' is an offence under UK Trading Standards laws. Destination Nürburgring are currently the only UK based track day operator at the Nürburgring, we're ATDO members, fully insured - and when you book with us you book with confidence. We're also the UK's biggest Nürburgring events organiser, whichever way you care to measure it. Of course - you're free to spend your money with whomever you please, but the risk in using some of these 'third party' sites is you may not know with whom you ultimately end up sharing track space. 'Buyer beware' - take it from my first hand experience, not all track day operators have the same stringent safety requirements we do!"
Find out more or book on their website. Pretty tempting stuff!


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