TEST: Garmin nüvi 3590 LMT: European Test

We have a brand new Garmin nüvi 3590 LMT PND (Personal Navigation Device) on test at the moment, which is proving to be tremendous – intuitive, user-friendly, accurate and stylish. And I'm still a Luddite road map book, OS map and co-driver pace notes man, so that's high praise indeed for new technology!
The nüvi 3590's light, ultra thin, huge and clear five-inch screen is easy to read and its menu system and 'Guidance 3' navigation system are superbly simple and smart, with handy features like 3D Traffic mapping and access to Live Services via Garmin’s Smartphone Link app. It also has brilliant maps of road junctions approaching with auto zoom and clear instructions – covering an amazing 65,000 junctions in Europe. Naturally, we can only test a few 100 of these here in the UK. So, to put the Garmin to the test, we're off on a 1,600-mile+ road trip to the Alps shortly, via Parisian autoroutes (sure to test any PND) and middle-of-nowhere-winding-back-roads, in the serious snow of ski season. And we'll be throwing a few wrong turns in for good measure, to see how the nüvi 3590 copes. More here soon.

To combat the Winter weather and travel in comfort, economy, safety and style, we're going in a kick-ass, oh-so under-rated Subaru Outback. The Alpine road trip feature will make the cover story for our forthcoming, second Subaru special of Road Magazine, out mid-March. More details up soon here and on Facebook where you will also find more images of the Garmin here.


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