VIDEO: Nissan DeltaWing In-Car Test

The first video in-car of Nissan's insane 'DeltaWing' Le Mans car, set to compete June 16-17 and aiming to "change the face of endurance racing forever." The super lightweight (475Kg), rear-engine (300bhp 1.6 petrol turbo) has less than half the aero drag of a conventional Le Mans car and should be able to lap alongside LMP1 and LMP2 cars, using half the fuel. It's aiming for 3:30 laps at Le Mans! It will be wearing a '0' number, unclassified, in the historic race, as an experimental entry... and looks as quick as it is mental, eh? The car is set to run at Sebring on March 15th, so stay tuned for more on this bonker's batmobile. What do you think?


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