VIDEO: Drift Allstars Drift School with Road Magazine

Here Team Road Magazine is at MSV Brands Hatch – learning to go broadside properly with Niall Gunn and his Drift Allstars Drift School crew ( This is one of their entry level drift courses, costing c£60, where you get to do donuts, figure of eight donuts, a mini drift course and finish with a proper full-chat lap like this one... on the bump stops, lock to lock. Sweet! Niall and his Drift Allstars drivers use an expanding fleet of excellent Nissan 350Z's, mildly modified (uprated limited slip differential, some with coilovers, others standard Z suspension, decent rubber and air filter and exhaust stuff), which make the perfect drift school tool: No overheating, blown head gaskets and limited mods to knock about sideways all day, every day, reliably... unlike the old Skyline GT-S and S14 and S14 200SX's... which are getting a bit long in the tooth now, good as they are at drifting, with the right tuning. The Drift Allstars courses are a lot of fun, attracting men and women of all ages, keen to learn the dark art of going sideways, for more than a fleeting moment. And Niall's band of relaxed, expert drifters make good teachers... as this video shot by shows clearly: Just watch how much work the steering wheel is doing, and listen to the throttle inputs. Watch & learn folks... and get yourself booked in for a day of opposite lock, and you'll be a drift God in no time... like me!


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