VIDEO: Electric Cars Are Slow, Right? Wrong!

So, electric cars are slow, right? Well, no actually, as this trackside video of DC Plasma VS Lemon Juice at the NEDRA Florida Nationals clearly shows. Sure, they may not have the noise of a decent monster drag beast, or the burnout drama, but look at their quarter mile pace – especially the 60-foot times! These electric powered monsters are John Metric's Fiero "DC Plasma" (360 volts) and Shawn Lawless' S-10 "Lemon Juice" (370 volts), drag racing at Bradenton Motorsports Park Feburary 23, 2012. DC Plasma takes the 1/4 with an ET of 9.89 at 134 mph and an incredible 60-foot time of just 1.55s! Lemon Juice – a truck! – gets an ET of 10.80 at 120.46 mph! And Lemon Juice nailed a 9.80 at 132 mph on this same track a month before! Electric cars don't need to be slow, or dull, as the latest issue of Road Magazine shows:


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