ROAD: Latest FREE Monthly Magazine: Peugeot Special

Bienvenue to this très Gallic Peugeot special of Road Magazine. We’ve lined tests on most of the 08 current range on offer from the French manufacturer. Firstly, we cover two, fresh concepts revealed at Geneva based on the new 208: A return of the GTi brand! Can the new 208 GTi live up to all the (light) weighty heritage and expectations? Then there’s the 208 XY “urban chic” concept. Next up, it’s the gorgeous 308 GT HDi 163 coupe, in diesel form (see cool karting video on post below). Can it still be a fun, funky, fast and fresh car with an oil-burner? Then, we give the 308CC THP200 hot turbo version a verdict, roof down and tunes on. And is the badass, slick 508 GT a worthy adversary to the Ford Mondeo, VW Passat, Skoda Octavia, Audi A4 or BMW 3-Series? We find out. Finally, there’s the practical 3008 Crossover, which Road staff snapper, Neil Denham (, takes for a wander on the moors, for its verdict. Enjoy & do comment, share us with your pals and join our social media outlets (links in box out to RHS). Thanks for the support and all the love, Road Editor, Phil Royle & Art Editor, Bonnie Coupland.


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