NEWS: Tim Schrick's New VLN & 24-Hour Nürburgring​ Subaru BRZ Weapon

Another Nurburgring legend is born!
After months of fun following our good mate, TV star, mental mechanic and race ace Tim Schrick, he and his brand new Roots Racing (cool as f**k) team have got their stunning new, ice white Subaru BRZ race car ready for the first round of the epic VLN Championship this weekend, and ADAC Zurich 24h-Rennen beyond that.
We've seen the stunning Subaru in build & on the dyno (expect a few awesome and hilarious videos up here very soon!) and we know how Tim and fellow driver Holger Spelsberg do race cars (properly properly!). So, we're sure the two brilliantly talented sons (of two brilliantly talented German motorsport royalty families) will do the fabulous VLN race series proud with this, in the closely fought (soon to be dominated?!) SP3 class.
Look out for No.292 on the lap times folks!
And expect the in-the-know Nürburgring​ crowds to go wild, and righty so... this is one bad-ass race car.
Good luck mean schnell freund! 'Uncle Funny' Spelsberg is proud!
Road fans... just how much do you want to climb into this 260bhp, normally-aspirated, rear-drive beast festooned in awesome aero and blessed with perfect parts and knock out some Green Hell miles? We are climbing the walls in anticipation... 
GO. GO. Go Tim & Holger! 
Check it... 


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