NEWS: Ariel Atom & Honda David & Goliath Relationship Rockets On

One of our personal favourite car and engine combinations – Ariel Atom (& now gravel-spitting Nomad) and Honda's high-revving Vtec (especially when supercharged) have just renewed their mutally happy, brand symmetrical, David and Goliath business arrangement, as the 1,500th Honda-powered Ariel in 16 years roars out of the Somerset factory.
And we say long may that great relationship continue!
The supercharged Civic Type R engine delivers a scorching 350bhp and top speed of more than 155mph in the famed Ariel Atom – and to this day has given us the best track day experience of our lucky lives, blitzing Cadwell Park with out Road racing ace mate, Tim Schrick.
Honda said: "Walking into Ariel’s small British workshop is like walking into a luxury tailor to be measured for a bespoke suit. No two Ariels are the same: each is made to order and there are thousands of possible configurations. Ariels are extremely affordable, very fast and will run and run at a track day with almost zero maintenance. At the heart of every Ariel lies the engine, however.
"Since 2003 Ariel has been using as standard the Civic Type R engine to power these pocket rockets, firstly with the flagship Atom and now, with the Civic 2.4 unit, the new off-road Nomad. Atom base models use a completely untouched unit off the shelf to offer 245bhp with Ariel-tuned ECU and exhaust or, it can be supercharged to either 310bhp or 350bhp offering a 0-60mph of less than 2.7 seconds and a top speed of more than 155mph."
Ariel’s founder Simon Saunders added: "Our customers are hugely passionate about driving so the engine is everything. When we tell new customers that it’s a Honda they simply nod and move on to the next question. They just know that it works. Switching to Honda engines is one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made. It’s a brand that can’t be matched for performance and bulletproof reliability and we’re delighted that this success is set to continue well into the future."
Philip Crossman, managing director of Honda (UK), says: "The Ariel brand is an incredible British success story with a fascinating history and pedigree in producing bespoke machines which driving fans love. The two brands are a perfect match – not least with our common engineering expertise and reputation for unrivalled performance, reliability and durability. With the engine such a key factor it’s a huge endorsement for Honda that Ariel chooses ours over others, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership for many years to come."
As well as custom-building the Atom and new off-road Nomad, Ariel recently introduced the Ace motorcycle which, true to form, is also exclusively powered by Honda. Under the cowling of each Ace sits a V4 1237cc Honda unit, delivering 173bhp with a top speed of 165mph.
For further information on the Ariel Atom, Nomad and Ace please visit And watch this... happy days eh Tim?


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