PRODUCT: New Kärcher Vacuum Range

Award-winning pressure washer and cleaning gear specialist manufacturer Kärcher has launched a range of three new multi-purpose vacuums – claiming them to be "the most powerful… giving you the strongest and most efficient way to clear up any type of dirt."
The new MV range is priced from £69.99 for an MV2, through £119.99 for an MV3 to £139.99 for the MV4 premium and Kärcher says "these are the solution to all tough cleaning jobs and the ultimate tool for occasional and serious DIYers alike."
We have just got one of the base model MV2 models on test and it's a bit of kit all right. Strong, durable, lightweight and fun in the bright yellow and black brand colours, these cool vacs use bag-less filtration technology, creating incredible suction. Best of all, the MP Vac can be used to clean up more than just dust – capable of sucking up both WET and dry debris. This makes it absolutely ideal for cleaning the garage, car, workshop or for use with DIY renovations within the home… they'll even unblock a sink!  
Kärcher says: "Featuring robust motors, which are designed to outperform ordinary Vacs and pick up not only heavy duty mess such as rubble and saw dust, but also sludge and spills. The new Vacs are designed to maximise output and conserve energy consumption, making them Kärcher’s most energy efficient Vacs yet."
The MV3 and MV4 also feature a blower function – designed to dislodge and remove dirt from awkward areas, such as behind radiators or car interiors.
And these top two models are features a power tool triggered auto-start function – designed to synchronise the MP Vac so you can clean as you go with a power tool. This provides virtually dust free working environments for heavy DIY jobs such as sanding floorboards and doors or sawing worktops.
Phil Springall, Marketing Manager of the Home and Garden Division at Kärcher UK says: "We’re thrilled to have created our most powerful and efficient range of Multi-Purpose Vacs. They are the perfect solution to cleaning up anything whether it’s dry or wet. The power tool triggered auto-start is a fantastic feature, vacuuming debris as you sand and saw, rather than working in a cloud of dust, making them an essential tool for all DIY applications."
Read more about our test with the new base model MV2 here.


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