NEWS: ATS Sport Downforce Monster Track Beast Is Coming – Fast!

Keen Road readers may have spotted the news on our Facebook page that the Automobili Tourismo e Sport (ATS) – the "fondly remembered F1 and sports car manufacturer of the 1960s – brand has been re-born. Good news! The team say they "are working to ATS's original ethos of extremely light weight vehicles utilising high efficiency, compact power-plants." And they are about to launch three exciting new models throughout Europe – as well as re-launching the cult De Tomaso brand, which they hold the rights to.
The first of these new models is this ultra-lightweight, downforce-inducing track day special – the ATS Sport, and here's the brief lowdown:
  • Dry weight only 470kg.
  • Develops 1,150kg of downforce.
  • 4g cornering forces on slicks.
  • 3g cornering forces on road legal semi-slicks.
  • Up to 540bhp/ton.
  • Stainless steel chassis.
  • 6-pot Tarox callipers, front and rear.
And a road going model will also be available, alongside the track day special.
Discover more at: 
Looks awesome to us! You like?


  1. Perfect! Congratulations to ATS....or maybe Adrian Reynard and Andre Brown that developed this car for several years ago - search on Reynard Inverter. Italian ripoff!!!!


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