PRODUCT: Kärcher Steam Cleaner

Not strictly a motoring product, but with they reputation for amazing pressure washers and vacuum cleaners for cars, we thought we'd try out and showcase the new range of amazing new Karcher Steam Cleaners – having just found them really useful for cleaning-up a muck-covered set of alloy wheels, a set of rubber car mats and blinging up the garage floor and toolboxes at Road HQ.
Kärcher says: "Our Kärcher Steam Cleaners are a revolutionary approach to cleaning. We’ve harnessed the dirt-shifting power of pure steam to deliver extraordinary cleaning performance from nothing more than tap water. With no chemicals or scrubbing, a Kärcher Steam Cleaner effortlessly removes tough grease, everyday dirt, stubborn stains and more – using just the power of steam."
Each Steam Cleaner comes with a useful range of nozzles and accessories to help make it easy to tackle different cleaning chores – hence the versatility to turn its hand to auto stuff, like the wheels and rubber mats we just did. And, being chemical free, the process is less attritional than many conventional auto cleaning products, whilst still being as (if not more) effective – which makes it less harsh.
Kärcher add: "Providing a natural and environmentally friendly solution, Kärcher Steam Cleaners work without the need for detergents or bleach, releasing bursts of high temperature steam that penetrate microscopic spaces to lift and remove dirt particles from the surface. So not only does it save you valuable time previously wasted on scrubbing, the Steam Cleaner offers your family a chemical–free way to clean which doesn’t aggravate allergies."
The new Kärcher Steam Cleaner Range includes SC 1.020 RRP £129.99, the twin tank SC 2.500C RRP £229.99 and the range-topping SC 5.800C RRP £349.99.
Whatever your auto cleaning needs might be, the Kärcher Steam Cleaner is a different and might effective way to take on the tiresome cleaning chores. Check them out… it's a fab gadget with plenty of  uses, and your wife (or indeed cleaner!) will love it!


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