NEWS: Sabine Schmitz Joins Forces With Ron Simons Racing

Two of our greatest Green Hell buddies – Ron Simons and Sabine Schmitz – have (finally!) joined forces, offering yet another string to the fabulous RSRNurburg and RSRSpa track experience bow. 
"Ring queen" Sabine will now be on hand (most days of the week!) to offer her infamous 'hot taxi laps' around the world's greatest circuits – Spa-Francorchamps and Nurburgring Nordschleife – in the superb, eclectic mix of RSR track hire cars. Quite a heady combination, I can tell you – having sampled both over the years. Certainly a memory of a lifetime.   
For those who do not know, RSRNurburg (run by dude ex-racer, Ron Simons) have built a reputation of excellence over the past 15 years at the famous Nurburgring for driver training, instruction, track car rentals, corporate events and Road Tours. And Sabine Schmitz has raced the world over, but her true passion belongs at the Nurburgring where without doubt, she is most recognizable figure at the Green Hell, and Spa. 
The fabulous Sabine Schmitz said: "I am really thrilled to be able to work with RSR. Their huge fleet of modern cars and wide range of services makes sense for us to create a partnership. We were looking for a reliable and reputable company to help service our only takes a small glance at RSR’s testimonials to know we are in capable hands.
"The goal is to extend the available offerings, and RSR enables us to do this. Taxi Laps at Spa are really great, throwing the car around on this Formula track is just a joy, I can push so hard!” And in closing, “I am pleased to have formed this partnership. RSR are a professional company that have built a successful business on a reputation of excellence that is known and respected worldwide. Bringing their cars, expertise, various driving & instruction services and programs into our packages will open up new opportunities for our customers from around the world. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with them."
And the ace Ron Simmons added: "We are extremely excited to partner with Sabine. I have followed her career over the years, we have worked together in the past and now we cement this with a formal partnership to continue our combined success” Ron goes on to explain; “This partnership gives our existing customer base another range of options to choose from and now we have the quickest female racer in the world, certainly a force to be reckoned with on track!."
Find out more about how you get involved with these two lovely, experienced, fabulous track people and the RSR experiences at: and

A marriage made in heaven... or should we say (green) hell!  


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