NEWS: RAC Car Sales Website Launched

The RAC has launched a website for car sales – RAC Cars ( – this week "promising to give consumers a new level of trust, transparency and confidence in the purchase of their next used vehicle." Interesting! 
Created following the acquisition of, RAC Cars offers the motoring public access to quality cars from quality suppliers packaged with its unique 3-2-1 Go! reassurance plan, all of which is included in the price to customers. Every one of the 40,000+ (and growing) number of vehicles on the site come with a minimum of 3 months’ complimentary warranty, 2 months’ RAC Rescue and 1 five-day drive-away insurance plan. The RAC say: "This will allow buyers to enjoy driving their new vehicle with confidence as soon as they purchase."
The RAC Cars proposition was developed in response to extensive research with RAC members and motoring consumers around their concerns when buying a used vehicle. The research* revealed that nearly three-quarters (73%) of men and women fear buying a ‘lemon’ and a similar number (74%) want a warranty in case something goes wrong.
As a result the site will not include any private sales, traders or independent dealers that do not adhere to the 3-2-1 Go system!
As every car on sale comes from franchised or RAC approved dealers, the traditional used car worries around mechanical soundness are significantly reduced because vehicles are prepared to a consistently high standard. In addition, the majority of the stock will be between six months and five years old, and will have been well-maintained with an excellent service history.
A growing number of the cars on the site will be supplied through RAC approved dealers who comply with the 80-point RAC BuySure preparation standard. Going beyond 3-2-1 Go!, RAC BuySure includes a minimum of three months’ RAC warranty, three months’ RAC breakdown cover** and use of the RAC Accident Care service.
RAC Cars chairman Rupert Keane says: "The used car consumer finds the acquisition process fraught with anxiety and mistrust so the RAC’s decision to bring its name and skills to improve this experience is excellent news for anyone looking for reassurance when buying their next used car. That’s why we are positioning RAC Cars as ‘the safer way to buy a used car’ on our website.
"Our members listed quality, peace of mind and outstanding value for money as their top criteria and we aim to offer this. In order to achieve that goal we have to ensure the suppliers on are of the highest standard possible, their cars are the best available (we won’t stock every vehicle they have) and that there is a reassuring ‘safety blanket’ wrapped around each car. We call it 3-2-1 Go! Used car buyers have been in desperate need of a trusted service like RAC Cars for years. We are the only search engine with seven million driving members that focuses on providing such peace of mind to those acquiring their next vehicle. It’s what you expect from the RAC. It’s the RAC brand promise.”


  1. Isn’t RACcars just an excuse for the RAC to offer their breakdown cover to car buyers? If so, it seems an expensive way of doing it. There are so many websites offering a similar service, from big players such as to medium sized players such as and to smaller independent sites such as

    The fact is they all offer the same service however Autotrader will always stand out from the rest as they have the biggest selection of new and used cars. If you break it down, there is nothing that RACCars is offering that really stands out from the crowd. Personally I fear that they will go the same way as Tescocars and – a lot of financial outlay for very little return!

    RAC have a great opportunity to shake up the automotive classifieds industry but instead they are pretty much conforming to what every other car classified site is doing.

    The first thing I would have done is to offer free RAC cover to anyone that purchased a car through their site. They could quite easily recoup this from the dealers that are advertising their stock through them – just my personal opinion of course.

    I wish them luck.


  2. Thanks for the detailed reply & opinion Valois. The best reply and comment on this blog in 3 years! :-) Of course, it would have been good to have a different classified ads set-up. It's due a revolution...
    Thanks, Ed

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