VIDEO: Toyota GT 86 Fails Moose Test! Hilarious!

You've got to hand it to Toyota... not only do they make an utterly brilliant car in the GT86, but their marketing, PR & advertising campaigns have been inspirational and spot on. This may not be 'official' but it is an utterly magical, hilarious viral video – showing a drifting GT86 as it 'fails the moose test.' Quality work for Toyota! And look out for our cover story on our road test with the awesome GT86 out in next week...


  1. This is not Toyota marketing. We offered this idea for Subaru dealer to do it with BRZ. But they refused. Then took GT86 for a test drive :)

  2. Thanks for letting us know g! Great job man! What company do you work for? Any other film to show us? Get in touch...

  3. Thank you!

    We're cars enthusiasts and organize popular time attack events in Baltic states called Fast Lap:
    The "moose test" came me as a good promo idea for manufacturer and I was neck or nothing to embody it. As I told we offered to Subaru - they refused. Then took GT 86 for a test drive from Toyota dealer. Signed contract no to go to the track. Well, we lied :D Still not sure if they know who actually did this video.

    There should be slow motion version of "moose test" - will let you know.


  4. Thanks for the info. Please do let us know of slo-mo version and other films you do, for us to blog and put on social media. :-)

  5. Our video guy went for dubstep :)

  6. That is even more genius g! Love it! Blogging it again! ;-) Thanks man! Keep us posted on other films eh?


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