VIDEO: Blue Lexus LF-LC concept car

Lexus are on a massive roll at the minute – building some truly outstanding cars and getting under the skin and into the brains of the Porsche, BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz drivers. Now they've just revealed this – the LF-LC Blue concept, at the Australian International Motor show. It uses carbon fibre elements incorporated using the technology developed for the awesome Lexus LFA supercar, and it also showcases the Lexus Hybrid Drivesystem – engineered to deliver highest power output yet, at 500bhp (372kW). Nice!
The LF-LC is a further development of the model which became the sensation of the Detroit motor show earlier this year and now it swaps that car’s burning red exterior for a lustrous Opal Blue finish, inspired by the natural base colour of the Australian gemstone. It's a stunning, futuristic looking set-up, as the video shows.
Lexus says: "The LF-LC combines advanced technologies and materials with an organic design that points to styling cues that will influence future Lexus sports models. The concept in particular pioneers use of lightweight carbon fibre and the next generation of Lexus’s industry-leading full hybrid powertrain. The experience and in-house capabilities Lexus has gained in the development of the LFA supercar have directly benefited the creation of the LF-LC, notably in the successful marrying of carbon fibre and aluminium alloy materials in its construction to achieve a light body mass: It provides an ideal platform for the next generation Lexus Hybrid Drive system. Dubbed Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive, it features a new, high-energy battery pack designed to deliver to greater power from a unit that is smaller than those used in Lexus’s current full hybrid model range. LF-LC Blue demonstrates what the future may hold for sports cars. Lexus has been synonymous with hybrid power, superior build quality, comfort and reliability; with the LF-LC it now reinforces its design and technology credentials. The concept hints at what is to come from Lexus, which is now actively studying how it can engineer and build a vehicle like this in the future." We think it's mega, and having driven the existing hybrid range already this year (to be show-cased in a forthcoming Lexus special of and seen just how special they are... we are very eager to test the new breed. Going to be seminal we reckon... but what do you think?


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