VIDEO: Kenny Of The Block Gymkhana V: Ultimate Urban Plyground, S.F

It's been live for only 24 Hours and already has over 5.1 million hits! Yup, Kenny of the Block is back, with his fifth Gymkhana – The Ultimate Urban Playground, ripping up the streets of San Francisco. It's longer than the others, at almost 10 minutes, and features the usual incredible driving skill antics in Ken's Ford Fiesta Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (HFHV)... all 650bhp and aggro antilag of it. 0-60mph, just 1.8s! Directed by Ben Conrad and with cinematography by Stephen Blackman, it features some fabulous new wide angle slow mo shots, Kenny helmet camera angles and some fabulous new bullet camera shots of the suspension getting a serious workout over the famous San Fran yumps... BIG air. Our favourite shot is at 5:50, with a huge sideways air shot, and God only knows how ken managed to catch that slide. The big finish with Ken smoking his tyres on a boat in the harbour is amazing too, as is the fact he got the bridge shut for the opening shot. Modern advertising at its genius best... DC Shoes and clothing sales sure to keep on climbing. Bravo Mr Block: Job done!


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