VIDEO: Best of Sabine & Klaus Nurburgring 24h Rennen 2012

Want a behind the scenes of what life is like for Sabine Schmitz and Klaus Abbelen entering the best endurance race on the planet – das Nurburgring 24h Rennen? Check out this video, watching them travelling around the fans on their music float pre-race, doing the warm-up parade lap waving at the fans, then letting rip over the Nordschleife in the Frikadelli R Porsche 911, day and night, dicing with the best endurance cars and racers on the planet. No wonder they always do so well and are such a popular team with the crowds. And if you think the 24-Hour is all about taking it steady... forget it. Watch the overtakes on this... especially at night. Jeees! R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Find out more about Team Frikadelli by liking their race team Facebook page at:


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