NEWS: Ashley Van Dyke's New Website

Our talented, glamourous USA correspondent, Ashley Van Dyke has launched a new AVD Motorsports website – check it out here: She says: "The first step in any client engagement is to lay out the objectives, scope and measureable business results of the project. These goals are defined through an intensive, cross-functional, cross-hierarchical process that AVD Motorsports calls 'fusion.' We go beyond the initial scope to forecast and look out for the long-term interests of our partners and clients. AVD Motorsports is consistent with client-focused delivery; we amaze our clients with the business value we deliver and their positive experience working with us. We create maximum value by deploying innovative ideas and approaches. We inspire exceptional results from every member of the team and maintain an open and honest work space between employee and client relationships." Ashley and team offer:
• Motorsports Marketing
• Brand Management
• Public Relations
• Event Planning
• Viral Advertising
• Social Engineering
• Mobile Applications
• Digital Communications
• Multimedia Production
• Experiencial Marketing
We recommend her work highly at Road HQ. Get involved... 


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