Police to get "Intelligent Motion"

Mitsubishi Motors mission to spread their fresh brand of "Intelligent Motion" – with their flagship EV innovative all-electric car, the i-MiEV – has spread to the police over the border. North Lanarkshire Council has just bought 12 of the little EV's to help reduce their carbon footprint and their bills, which the I-MiEV will certainly do, producing zero exhaust emissions, not needing road tax, aided by a government grant and costing just £1.05 to charge-up overnight, giving enough juice for about 93 miles. That's all good stuff... and the little i-MiEV is faster than you might think in a chase scenario, getting up to 60mph in under 13-seconds and capable of 87mph, with its instantaneous-power EV motor.. let's just hope any criminals don't have much juice in their tank if they try and escape, or it will need all 12 of these in convoy to catch them!


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