NEWS: New Öhlins Road & Track Suspension for BMW & Porsche

Leading Swedish suspension manufacturer and winner of over 300 international automotive titles 
(and one of our personal favs here at Road) Öhlins has expanded its infamous 'Road & Track' performance car suspension kit range – with new applications for the new Type 991 Porsche 911 and Type 981 Cayman, and the BMW M3/ M4 models.
The new highly advanced lightweight shocks (with external components made from high-grade aerospace aluminium, hard-anodised and protected against corrosion) make use of standard top mounts, making fitting simple and are available now. 
Inside the stunning damper units lies Öhlins' highly acclaimed DFV, Dual Flow Valve, damping system, which "provides optimal wheel control and bump absorption in even the most challenging road or track conditions."

The Öhlins Road and Track damper kits provide both spring preload and damping adjustment front and rear, with a lowered ride height setting (10mm on BMW, 8mm on 991). The external parts have passed a harsh ISO salt spray corrosion test, and the dampers are all fully rebuildable. Plus, you get a two-year warranty on all Öhlins units. 
Öhlins say: "The DFV philosophy is simple: if your tyres aren't touching the asphalt, they can't grip; which reduces your ability to brake, accelerate and turn. The DFV system absorbs bumps and attitude changes more effectively, thus improving handling and performance all round. Öhlins R&T DFV dampers, with a choice of suitable spring rates for almost all applications improve on the suspension systems on your German supercar.
"Germany is in many ways the home of the automobile and brands such as Porsche and BMW have defined the high-performance sector with some iconic models. To improve on these machines the R&D engineers at Öhlins have spent countless hours on the road and race track to develop a Road and Track coilover suspension upgrade for the latest BMW M3 and M4 super-saloons, plus Porsche's Cayman and 991 Carrera/Carrera S.
"The final product has been created to deliver optimum grip and stability for maximum performance combined with a smooth, comfortable setting for the road, again achieved through painstaking road tests. The feeling for a driver is ‘plush’, stable handling on the street with good traction and superior grip and performance allowing for a fast lap on track."
LOTS of want here! 
And purists, take note... your M3, M4, Cayman or 911 might already be good. But you ain't felt what those cars can do until you've tried a pukka set-up like Öhlins, if their past likes are anything to go by...


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