NEWS: BP's Ultimate "Dirt Busting" Fuel Launches

Leading fuel giants BP have unveiled an innovative new range of "dirt busting" fuels – BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology, which have taken half a decade to develop.
The high-tech (97RON) unleaded and diesel fuels are being rolled out at their 1,200+ BP stations across the whole of the UK following a high-profile international launch this week.
The British super national oil and petrol chemical brand (one of the seven majors in the world) says this is their "best ever" range of fuels – aimed at destroying dirt particles inside any engine (of any age and size), which cause long-term damage and hamper performance. BP even claim in the UK, engines cleaned with BP’s new Ultimate fuels could give you up to 21 more miles per tank. 

A BP spokesperson said: "This is the biggest advancement for BP fuels in the last decade so it’s a big deal! Designed to complement the very latest, high-spec engine technologies and benefit older vehicles, BP Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology have proven dirt busting properties. Scrupulously tested by BP scientists, the new BP Ultimate fuels start working to fight the effects of dirt the moment you start your engine, and with ongoing use help to deliver a smoother drive and reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance. 
"Containing millions of dirt busting active molecules, BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology has been specially designed to tackle the dirt in your engine; eating through dirt to deep clean, protect against future dirt build up and minimise the problems and harm that dirt in the engine can cause – such as reduced fuel economy and a loss of performance."

The new range of '"active molecule" BP fuels have been tested extensively in labs and in a multitude of "beyond industry standard real world" environments – in a process that's taken five years. And they say they have created "an innovative formula (based on patented technology) to address the harmful dirt which can be present in engines today" – where the molecular structure of the fuel drags dirt away from critical engine components and forms a protective barrier against future damage.  

BP added: "Even a tiny amount of dirt can have a big impact on the performance of an engine, so a clean engine is fundamental to keeping a vehicle working as it should. The choice of fuel plays an important role: helping your engine run smoothly and efficiently which could deliver greater distances between refuels, and helping reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance, so your car is better protected against the cost and hassle of an unexpected trip to the workshop."

UK Operations Director Priscillah Mabelane commented: "We set out to develop a fuel that would tackle the problem of harmful dirt, genuinely support engine performance and help people maintain the health of their car and avoid costly trips to a mechanic. What we’ve achieved over the last five years is a new range of Ultimate fuels that not only clean engines but start doing so from the very first fill, whatever the age of the engine and help deliver that all important fuel economy.
"We are pleased to bring our newest dirt-busting innovation and best ever range of Ultimate fuels to our customers in the UK." 
Find out more about the new BP Ultimate fuel range here.


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