NEWS: Nicky Grist & Ravenol Lubricants Seek Best National Rally Driver

Legendary British co-driver, Nicky Grist has joined forces with Ravenol high performance motorsport lubricants – laying down the gauntlet to all rally drivers to see who is the best national rally driver in the UK, in the all-new 'Ravenol Nicky Grist Challenge.'
The event is a one day shoot out to be held on the Nicky Grist Stages on the 12th July, with any entrant into the rally in any class getting the opportunity to prove their ability.
The overall winner will receive up to eight paid rally entries in to the 2015 BTRDA Rally Series, with up to £3000 of Ravenol products to ensure their car is perfectly lubricated for each rally event.
Nicky Grist said: “There is nothing else like this in Britain at the moment for rally drivers and it will be an intensely exciting one-day, all-in, shoot-out over some of the best stages on offer in Britain. Ravenol coming forward as the prize giver has been immense, giving all drivers a really fantastic prize to aim for. But most of all we will be able to name the best national rally driver in the UK.”
Brian Chase, Managing Director of Ravenol UK, is very enthusiastic: “We are delighted to be working together with Nicky on this project. The Challenge is all about supporting British Motorsport at club level, something we at Ravenol are very keen to be involved in.”
Neil Cross, Clerk of the Course for the Nicky Grist Stages: “Every driver believes they are the best on gravel and now they have the chance to prove it – it is going to be really exciting to watch, and the Quinton Motor Club, as the organisers of the Nicky Grist Stages, are delighted that Nicky, yet again, is bringing a first to national rallying on our event!”
The Nicky Grist Stages is being held on the 12th July with the HQ based at the Royal Welsh Showground, Builth Wells. Entry into the rally is through the Nicky Grist Stages website with free registration to the Ravenol Nicky Grist Challenge to occur no later than event signing on. Spectators can also get all the information they need to see the Ravenol Nicky Grist Challenge in action on the event's website

How the Challenge works - The Clerk of the Course for the Nicky Grist Stages will work out the mean average time penalty for each class, based on a number of previous years’ events. This average time penalty will be known as the ATP. The winner of the Ravenol Nicky Grist Challenge will be decided on the biggest percentage decrease in their class ATP. Should the speeds be slower, the smallest percentage difference to their class ATP will be deemed the winner.
So – do you think you are the best national rally driver in the UK? Then enter the Ravenol Nicky Grist Challenge and prove it. Find out more at Ravenol Oils UK website

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