NEWS: In-Car Cameras Set To Improve Driving Safety & Reduce "Crash For Cash" Culture

New research from leading in-car camera manufacturer Nextbase has revealed 52% of Brits believe the use of in-car cameras would increase driving safety standards in the UK – and reduce the worrying growth of the "crash for cash" car insurance fraud culture.
Many of us have seen cyclists cruising the roads with helmet and wheel cameras to keep track of any road accidents, but how many of us have thought about using the same concept in our cars?
With US and Russian motorists adopting the use of in-car cameras to help document their journey in a bid to improve road safety, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the UK are lacking this level of precaution.
Three in five of us believe that the shock/stress of an accident can affect the ability of those involved to remember accurately what happened, thus prompting even more of a need for motorists to record their journeys. And whilst witness statements were once the only reliable source of evidence in a car accident, it would appear this could now be on the decrease with almost a fifth of Brits (18%) admitting they are afraid to give evidence to the police following a car accident for fear of backlash from the person they are reporting.
And it’s not only the physical and emotional aspect of a road accident that could benefit from in-car cameras; the financial element of an accident could also be hugely improved. Fraudulent insurance claims total to £2.1bn a year, adding around £50 to the annual cost of insurance premiums. With the use of in-car cameras, we Brits could put a stop to “crash for cash” claims and prevent insurance premiums from rising further.
Former Assistant Chief Constable Alan Featherstone has seen numerous car accidents throughout his career and is calling on the government to improve driving standards by making in-car cameras compulsory for new drivers: "There is a real need to tackle the UK’s road safety standards and to put an end to dodgy insurance claims. If all cars were to be fitted with in-car cameras, the level of care motorists take will improve immensely and the natural increased levels of anxiety of drivers should see a decline. Cases of reckless driving, or driving under the influence will certainly decrease through fear of being caught out and those who are victims of road accidents won’t have to go through additional stress in trying to recount their traumatic experience."


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