NEWS: Nurburging Race Rental & Track Day Tuition

Maybe you're a bit handy on a track day, think you know your way around the Green Hell, or have even tried a spot of domestic circuit racing?
But have you considered taking it to the next level – racing the infamous Nurburgring GP and Nordschleife, in the outstanding VLN Endurance Racing series (where many of the 24-Hr cars go bumper-to-bumper), or the equally fun, but slightly less hardcore RCN Circuit Challenge series?
If you've not considered it… you should put it on your bucket list. Not much comes close after you've been there, done that… and it need not cost the Earth, if you know the right people, as we do.
But where to start?
Take your own car out there, assemble a team, learn the ropes, jump the race licensing hoops, spend an age setting your car up with no local knowledge, cross your fingers and get racing? Well, you could do that…
You could tap into a lifetime of experience with our Green Hell know-how pals Jacos Paddock Motorsport and let them take the strain for you – provide you a perfectly set-up, reliable, rapid BMW race car with all the team support you could ask for and help you cut the red tape to get out a race at the Ring, hassle-free.
Super-friendly 'flying Dutchman' Jaco Velders and his crew have a fleet of really amazing BMW race cars – not the newest or the most flash, but with a perfect Nurburgring set-up, making them class winners in both RCN and VLN. And, budget, skill level and bravery depending, there's a BMW 325i E36 class V4 (for RCN), two BMW M3 E46 class V6 (one GT3 spec) and used two BMW 325i E36 V4 (for the VLN), to pick from… all of which are superbly neutral, balanced and fast race cars.
Jaco's Paddock run races all year at the Ring and also at Zandvoort in Belgium (the 12-Hr) and have raced at the Dubai 24-Hr and in the Nurburgring 24-Hr as well as decades in the RCN and VLN – so have plenty of know-how and experience. And their cars are built to last in these tough championships, which really test your driving skills (and the car).
Jaco's Paddock also offer track day and racing tuition, with individual personal training or in small groups of maximum four vehicles. Jaco says: "No matter what level of experience the participants have, using various techniques from our instructors in the car to following the instructor in convoy with in car communications – we will show you the right wet and dry racing line, the braking points, entry speeds, turning points etc. - everything you need to be quick here at the Green Hell, Spa-Francorchamps or Zandvoort.
"As part of the tuition, we offer a DVD and Power Point presentation and a track walk if possible. And, in addition, we offer preparation to obtain a German “A” race license to enable you to participate
in national races. We're a one-stop-shop for Ring racing!"
The Jaco's Paddock tuition packages include:
  • Race car rental
  • Qualified, skills racing driver instructors available for individual tuition or groups
  • Both radio and intercom communications available
  • Mechanical facilities available during the course for service, repairs and tyre replacement etc.
  • Hotel, airport transfers & assistance with accommodation etc.
  • A great time!
If you want to make your year and have some memories to pass on to the wide-eyed grandkids, why not race or get some tuition with Jaco's Paddock this year? We HIGHLY recommend it here at Road HQ. 
Find out more & contact Jaco directly for prices and information via Facebook.


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