NEWS: The Fast Show @ The Pod 2014

If you like tuned cars, drag racing, a spot of drifting, Block-style gymkhana and the occasional pole dance and DJ/MC session – Santa Pod Raceway has the answer, with The Fast Show, March 23rd, where you can get a chance to run the famous 1/4-mile in your own car in Run What You Brung (RWYB) against some of the UK's best tuned motors. 
New for 2014, 'The Pod' organisers have a new entry system "in a bid to keep standards at the top" – with a pre-entry system allowing the best cars to secure their spot in the paddock without having to be one of the first few through the gate, which should attract some of the UK's many monster modified machines.
Out on the hallowed drag strip, there are RWYB trophies available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the street legal FWD and RWD/4WD classes and trophies for the quickest bike and non-road legal car of the day, where the really quick times should be set.
And this year the club displays have been encouraged to take their game up a gear, with the “Best Club Stand” receiving £250 cash and a Performance Direct trophy, and organisers say there should be in excess of 100 car clubs in attendance.
Naturally, there will also be "the one and only FireForce Jet Car," piloted by Martin Hill – capable of 0-250mph in under 6 seconds, which is a bucket list sight, if you've not already witnessed it.
And in "the Live Action Arena" down in the paddock, multiple time World Record holder and Pod regular, Terry Grant will have his fleet of supercars on hand for his stunts driving, which is well worth a visit. And he will be joined this year by fellow car stunner, Lee Bowers.
And, for those who think they're Kenny-of-the-Block, there's also a free Gymkhana competition in the paddock, which should be a laugh – to do and watch! This event feature is open to all vehicles and participants will be timed around an obstacle course featuring twists, turns, spins, a bit of reversing and more: Think autotesting for the yoof! 
There'll also be a whole host of the UK's top name drifters slewing sideways in the paddock and, as ever, a chance to get up close and personal with all these cars. 
The musical backdrop of the day will be provided car show idol DJ Richie Don and his team who will have the tunes flowing with MC’s and BeatBoxers with competitions and giveaways throughout the day including the famous Miss Fast Show competition someone will be crowned as the girl of the show. 
As ever, weekend tickets with camping are available. And you can maximise your RWYB track time by taking advantage of the unlimited runs available on Saturday (into the evening) and get access to the all-new “N20” heated night club.
Modified car, drag or drift fan? Then get your tickets now and find out more at or call 01234 782828.


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