PRODUCT: Shell V-Power Nitro+ Test

Our (unscientific, but none-the-less user-based, and hopefully useful) consumer tests of the new Shell V-power Nitro+ unleaded continue, with surprising results on two of the oh-so-thirsty V6 and V8 Road Magazine Project Cars.
Our twin-turbo V6 Audi S4 is loving its new fuel – seemingly more so, the more it sups. It's definitely running more turbo boost with the higher octane fuel – giving it a noticeable surge in torque on turbo spool-up. And, when I've eco-tested it on a recent run, it returned it's best ever mpg, 29.5 – which ain't bad for a 300+bhp forced aspiration V6 eh?
And whilst our Project P38 4.6-litre V8 Range Rover can only dream of hitting just shy of 30mpg (despite being LPG converted, so it might get close in cost per mile terms), it's also loving the V-Power Nitro + treatment, feeling much more peppy and powerful and also returning more miles per gallon. 
It might cost more at the pumps this new Shell V-Power fuel, but – with a light right foot – it's saving you money with improved mpg. And, hopefully, it's reducing servicing costs/extending the lifetime of our engines, thanks to the fact its designed to clean out nasty, power-sapping engine deposits from the moment you turn the key. 
And the more of the fuel you use, the more it cleans up and frees up your engine, with its clever "Friction Modification Technology" – as tested with Ferrari, which is designed to instantly reduce friction in critical engine areas, thereby helping the engine to deliver more power to the wheels.
It's certainly working with our old performance cars, and we hope aiding their long-term health.
Shell has teamed up with Formula One™ fan, Jake Humphrey, to launch the new V-Power Nitro+ Unleaded (and Diesel) and he says: "I’ve spent the last four years travelling the world with the F1 circuit and have seen first-hand how Shell share with Ferrari the passion for performance in motorsports. They’ve competed in over 500 races together and that is a testament to the fuels Shell produce. It’s a thrill to know that when I fill up with Shell V-Power Nitro+ Unleaded I will experience the same technology that is developed for Ferrari on the track, in my own car."
David Moss, Shell UK Retail General Manager, adds: "Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels come with a racing seal of approval having been inspired by the Shell Technical Partnership with Ferrari, the titans of Formula One racing. At Shell, we are committed to making better fuels for our customers. Formula One helps us to deliver those better products. Our Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels are the result of over 60 years of innovation and shared passion for performance with Ferrari in the motorsports arena and we’re excited about giving UK drivers the opportunity to try them for themselves and experience just what these new fuels can do."
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