NEWS: Subaru BRZ Buyers Get FREE Winter Wheel & Toyo Tyres Package

We're re-testing the compact, RWD, flat four, big fun Subaru BRZ this week, after our Road Magazine racer and Travis drummer, Neil Primrose tested it earlier this year here. And, we've got to say, we LOVE it… especially for its ability to set you on an impromptu sideways session on the way to the shops. What could be more fun?
The choice to fit skinny, relatively low grip Michelin rubber, rather than fatter, stickier tyres was a masterstroke – letting the car be sliding fun, rather than top of the traction pops (which its chassis is certainly capable of). 
But, much as we love going sideways, with Winter setting in, we did get to thinking… what's the BRZ going to be like in the ice and snow?  Conclusion… a handful! 
But Subaru has the answer – offering a FREE set of Toyo winter tyres AND wheels for new Winter 2013 BRZ buyers, supplied by the dealers (who will also store customers’ standard tyre over the winter). As big supporters of the Winter tyre 'movement' here in the UK (see our Outback Alpine tyre test here), we think it's a great idea and a fabulous buying incentive… worth £1,095!
Toyo's brand new Snoprox cold weather tyres have been designed with special tread patterns to improve braking and provide more stable and predictable handling throughout the colder and wetter winter months. To accompany the 215/45 winter tyres, BRZ buyers can choose between bright Silver or Anthracite Grey 17-inch alloy wheels, which should maintain the BRZ's ace looks.
Customers qualify for the offer by purchasing a new BRZ up until the end of February 2014 and can at the same time have their standard tyre/wheel combination stored free of charge at the local dealer, ready to be re-fitted when the weather warms up.
Darren James, Subaru UK Director for Aftersales explained: “The BRZ has won plaudits from across the industry as a great driver’s car. The offer of a free set of winter tyres will mean new owners can fully appreciate the BRZ’s blend of light weight, usable power and rear-wheel drive handling, even when the weather takes a turn for the worse.”
Further information on the Subaru BRZ can be found at
Great idea for a great car Subaru. Bravo! 


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