VIDEO: Lancia Delta S4 Snow Test :-)

It was the ultimate Group B supercar rally car – KKK turbocharged, Volumex supercharged, 037 style space framed with unreal aerodynamics and dynamics – that sadly never got a full chance to shine, as the group was banned not long after its launch in 1985. But it did enough to catch Peugeot and their incredible 206 T16 (that saved the car company). Weighing just 890Kg and with 450bhp made it arguably the fastest, not to mention technically advanced rally car ever (making F1 cars of the era look Luddite). Here, to celebrate the car and the first snow fall of the year, is the Group B Lancia Delta S4´s first snow test in Lapland 1985 with WRC demi-god, Markku Alén, at the helm. Enjoy!


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