COMPETITION: And the TomTom Handsfree Kit Winner is...

Congratulations to Stuart Staples – Road Magazine & Blog fan, Facebook liker and Twitter follower who has just won himself a fabulous, brand new, £80 Hands-Free Car Kit for his iPhone/smartphone for his efforts – offering the highest quality audio for loud and clear calls and navigation on the move, legally. And all Stuart did to win was like our Facebook page and sent in this winning story on speed cameras:

"Back in the day, when I'd landed my first sales job and company car, three of us decided to do some paperwork in the office on a Saturday morning. The office was near Chelmsford and the three of us left in our matching Ford Sierra's towards the A12. All of the cars were brand new (told you it was back in the day!) and we all rolled on to the A12 at the same time, one in each lane. You know what's coming, don't you? New company cars and an open road mean that it was pretty much guaranteed to have a head to head, so off we went towards London all building speed up and over 100mph! I know it was stupid, and I can't make excuses. So there we were three abreast in our red, blue and white Sierra's all neck and neck. We must have looked like Dagenham's version of the Red Arrows as we all got zapped by a handheld camera as we passed the bridge near Stock! Doh!
"A week or so later the summons came through, we all called one another to exchange tails of woe, but I was secretly kind of proud – as I had the highest measured speed! In those days the courts had the ability to give you a choice of longer ban and higher fine, or vice versa. I simply took a fortnights holiday, thanked the judge for his time and paid my £400 fine plus costs and walked out of the court knowing that I'd got away with it.....big time! Not sure that this story presents a safety conscious message, but I thought it was worth sharing and the image of three mates all neck and neck on the A12 still makes me smile to this day."Naughty... but nice Stuart!

So, what has Stuart won, thanks to Road Magazine and TomTom? Well, it's a fabulous bit of kit, featuring:
· Sound boost – An in-built 2 watt speaker means that drivers can hear hands-free calls and navigation instructions loud and clear.
· Extendable microphone – The microphone can be brought closer to the driver for clearer conversations.
· Noise and echo cancellation – Cancels out background noise so drivers can have even clearer conversations.
· Dual phone connection – Connects two phones simultaneously.
· Fast charging – Fast charges the driver’s phone on the go.
· Dual mounting system – Drivers can choose to mount their device on the dashboard or the windscreen. It includes a self-adhesive disc that allows use of the suction mount on the dash or centre console.
· Voice menu and spoken instructions – Drivers can connect their phone easily using the voice menu and spoken instructions. 
· Easy-reach answer and reject buttons – Answer and reject calls, even when the phone isn’t mounted.

NB: TomTom has also just revised and re-launched their iPhone app for speed cameras – available for free in the Apple app store. And find out more at their website and by reading our post here.

Look out for more great giveaways and competitions here on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter (@roadmagazine) in the new year folks.

Meantime, well done Stuart (and thanks for making us laugh) and thanks again to TomTom.


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