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Our pals at the very handy offer up some obvious, but useful top money saving tips for running your motor: 
They say: "In today’s world, it seems like having a car is not a sign of luxury any more. Nevertheless, the maintenance of your vehicle could cost you a bundle. That’s why many car owners are looking for the new ways to save money on car repairs and expenses. Naturally, the more cost-saving measures you adopt, the more money you’ll save. However, when you purchase a repair, you have to think about its quality not just its value. Visit here to find out how we can help you keep your motoring costs down. And follow these simple top tips:
1. Do not fill your vehicle up with petrol, diesel, LPG (etc.) if the fuel cost is at least 10 pence more expensive than average. It really adds up. Shop around.
2. Use air conditioning and heating systems only when you are sure you really need them, as they consume an incredible amount of fuel that will lead to unjustified financial losses.
3. Do your best to keep the air con off when you are at lower speeds (under 50mph). And we strongly recommend you should close windows at higher speeds and use your air conditioning or the heating system only if you need them.
4. Buy car repairs that are cheap but of the best possible quality. Buying repairs via the internet has become one of the most popular ways of reducing your expenses on car maintenance. Using Online Car Parts you save a lot of money and time enjoying all the benefits – find the repairs you are looking for, compare the prices, do shopping 24 hours a day and 365 day per year. Normally the prices of the online shops are lower compared to a normal autoshop, as the online shop don't have to pay for the expensive overheads, like renting, additional taxes, wages, staff training, etc. At the same time you can find the great car repair brands like Bosch, Beru, Sachs, Luk, Hella, Valeo, Febi, Bilstein, TRW, Ate, K&N, Metzger and so on."
Well worth a look at their site... here.


  1. Good post about car brands. Can you share something on hybrid cars ?


    car shipping quote

  2. Would also relish some advice on hybrids. I have a Prius and my husband has a Leaf, we've been following the tyre tips from but not too many people blog hybrid specific info.

  3. That is very pertinent, thanks folks. We will look into it... and come back soon. Thanks for your interest in Road Magazine & Blog.

  4. Great tips for maintenance, what about Classic Cars? Is it easy to take care of Classic cars as compare to new cars?
    and what are safety precautions using car shipping ?


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