NEWS: Petter Solberg 2013 Plans

We've just heard what Petter Solberg has to say about his plans for 2013... which may involve him being behind the wheel of a race car! Like to see that! He said: "There seems to be a lot of talk about me retiring via pieces of quotes being compressed in to numerous articles around the web. I wish things moved more quickly, but they do not. Of course my full interest is to be in the WRC and the works seat at M-Sport, but these things take time. We're attempting to figure things out from both sides. IF for some reason nothing happens with this, then I do have other plans, and those plans will have me competing behind the wheel of a race car. Thank you for your concern, and I will keep you updated. I will never stop competing within Motorsports. That's a combination of my passion, and your support!" Good luck for the year, whatever you end up doing Petter. We love ya man! You're a modern legend of rallying. Stay up to date with Petter on his Facebook page at:


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