NEWS: Manthey Motors Lightweight 19-inch Rim 997 911

We've been lucky enough at Road to work a lot with the Green Hell giants, Manthey Racing & their road tuning brand, Manthey Motors over the years. We've had a personal factory tour by boss Olaf Manthey, followed race aces Marc Lieb, Timo Bernhard and all to victory in the epic 24-Hour (, been on their outstanding Nordschleife track day (see post above) and test driven/had hot Ring laps in a number of their race, fast road and track 911's. They are an incredible outfit. What they don't know about optimising the 911 brand for race or road use is not worth knowing. Olaf is a genius.
So, when they release a new lightweight wheel, it's worth paying attention. These new, three times forged, centre locked 19-inch alloy rims are not just for show on a 997 911. They are so light – saving 9.2Kg per set unsprung and turning weight – they reduce inertia enormously, having a profound effect on handling ability, grip, turn-in and braking. Trust me... I've tested their old set on a 911, and they felt amazing. And these new ones are even lighter. Manthey say: "This is the lightest sports rim worldwide for Porsche 911 in 19 inch with full TÜV approval. It will be available for Porsche 997 GT2, GT2 RS, Turbo, GT3 RS from April."
Here are the hard facts:
- 9.2. kg weight savings per set (unsprung and turning weight!) compared with a GT3 RS OEM rim
- 9x19 and 12x19
- Silver or black
- MM exclusive product
- Three times forged
- TÜV and Nürburgring approved
- Less expensive than the original factory 19" rim(s) although more advanced
The official sale price shall be € 1.350,00 net ex stock, and you can order them via


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