Top Gear Supercar Showdown Images

Wowzers! How nice is this image? And there's more to see from this incredible Top Gear magazine supercar showdown shoot, on some of the world’s best driving roads, like Italy’s Stelvio Pass. The fabulous, ultimate car magazine shoot included: The fastest production ever, the Bugatti Veyron Supersport, in its first-ever performance car showdown. Ferrari’s new FF. The McLaren MP4-12C. Porsche’s finest ever 911: the GT3 RS 4.0. Jaguar’s new XKR-S. Ariel’s mental Atom Mugen. BMW’s new accessible thrill machine, the 1M Coupe. The Ford Mustang Boss Laguna Seca. The Zonda F. And a few more besides. Altogether, the cars had a combined value of £3,718,090 and some 6,071bhp on tap. Imagine the insurance premium on that! The team then threw the keys to The Stig, and asked him to decide which he liked best... lucky bas***d! You can have a look at the images from one of the most ambitious shoots ever attempted by Top Gear magazine, and you can now download some high-quality examples and wallpapers at Got to be worth doing, right?


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