MLR Night Sprint

  The MLR (Mitsubishi Lancer Register, held a sprint with a difference this weekend – the MLR Sprint Series final, held at Teeside Autodrome, on Saturday night. The sprint, which featured a huge range of Mitsubishi Lancer Evos and a few other cracking sprint cars (including a Mk2 Escort, BMW M3, Peugeot 205 and TVR Griffith), took place in fabulous evening dusk sunshine at 3:30pm right up until 10:30pm at night, under floodlights. Big fun was had by all the typically flamboyant MLR drivers, as you can see by visiting this photo link (by MLR's Daz): . We applaud you MLR – one of the most active, imaginative and fun car clubs in the UK. Got a Lancer? Then join up with like-minded enthusiasts... 


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