Crazy Golf Ring Racer unwrapped

Volkswagen will be back to race at the Nurburgring Nordschleife 24-Hour this year – with a 440bhp, 540Nm monster of a race car, the Golf24. The pumped-up Golf is the ultimate racing incarnation from Volkswagen Motorsport, who last raced a Golf at the Green Hell in 2007, coming an impressive 8th overall with a 300PS FWD version, surprising many. VW have been using the Scirocco petrol and LPG GT24 cars since then, with great success and with drivers of the ilk, of Carlos Sainz. The Golf 24 comes with permanent 4WD, a sequential six-speed gearbox with paddle shift and a 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged engine producing the big numbers. The new car has been tested at Portugal's Portimao circuit an Vallelunga in Italy and will race the NBR24Hr June 23-26th. What a fine way to celebrate 35 years of Golf history. We love it! It's sure to do well, with this spec, great drivers and an experienced team. Best of luck VW! See more facts and pictures at


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