Subaru's winter top towing tips

With its legendary permanent All-Wheel-Drive, oft the vehicles of choice to rescue stranded mates in the snow and ice, Subaru, have released their top seven tips for winter towing: Pay attention Impreza, Legacy, Outback & Forester drivers, indeed, all 4WD motorists:
1. Tether via towing eyes, and use a specific, strong tow rope.
2. Take the strain and use 2nd gear to pull away, gently.
3. Tow in straight lines only.
4. Ensure the towed vehicle's wheels are pointing in the right direction and steering wheel is not locked.
5. Towed vehicle should be in neutral, with ignition and engine on.
6. Tow for minimum distance only.
7. Alert other road users!
See for more towing tips.


  1. Foresters are known to be tough; they can even plow through the snow.

  2. Definitely used auto loan. Legacy, Outback Forester & Impreza all great cars, and very capable in wet, muddy and snowy conditions...


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