New BMW 1 Series M Coupe

BMW have launched the much-anticipated 1 Series M Coupe, opening up the M-Power audience to the compact car market. It comes with a high-revving in-line six cylinder VANOS power plant, fitted with twin turbos, knocking out 340bhp and 500Nm of torque. Top speed? A limited 155mph. 0-62mph? 4.9-seconds. And BMW claim 29.4mpg combined. It boasts exclusive 19-inch rims, M-suspension (with 55mm wider track than 135i), aluminium construction, Variable M differential lock, 360mm/350mm brakes and will be available in white, black and orange (pictured). BMW say it will be faster around the Nordschleife than the previous E46 BMW M3. Naturally, with all that jazz, it ain't going to be cheap... and will cost £39,990. It's on sale from May 2011.


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