NEWS: Vredestein Tyres Gain Good Traction in Fearsome Tyre Test Awards

No wonder this snappy dresser looks so sorted and together, casually stepping out of his Vredestein-shod Audi – it's been a very good day for our much under-rated and much respected pals at Netherlands-based tyre brand Vredestein, who have once again nailed superb results in the fearsome German magazine Auto Bild top tyres tests, for both their all-season tyres and Winter tyres.

Frankly, we are not at all surprised, as we had a set on our Project Beast supercharged Range Rover V8, which were astonishingly good and also won award praise. But these new accolades are for new additions to their ever-expanding range of right-on rubber.

The brand-new Vredestein Quatrac Pro – the first all-season tyre fully focused on the ultra-high-performance segment – has done very well in the all-season tyre test carried out by the respected German magazine Auto Bild for its October issue.

The Quatrac Pro came second out of 31 models in the test on tyres in the size 225/45 R17. Next to this great result, the Quatrac Pro came in top position in an independent third-party test organised by Tire Rack in the United States. Tire Rack describes the new tyre as “a recipe for a paradigm shift in the category.”

Auto Bild started by measuring the braking distance of 31 all-season tyre models. The ten best models were then put through a more detailed inspection consisting of 16 trials in the categories ‘dry’, ‘wet’, ‘snow’ and ‘price’. The Vredestein Quatrac Pro came second overall, and was the only tyre model to consistently score high by ending first or second in each trial carried out.

The Auto Bild experts gave the Quatrac Pro the much sought-after vorbildlich (‘exemplary’) mark overall and were especially impressed with its handling on dry surfaces, traction on snow (where it was found to do even better than the specialised winter tyre used in the test for comparison), and driving on a circular track & handling on wet surfaces. Due to the robust shoulder blocks, it was judged to be as good as the summer tyre in the test.

Game-changerThe Quatrac Pro’s strong results in Tire Rack’s road, wet, and dry test make it clear that it is an excellent choice even when and where winter weather isn’t a concern. The model came in first in the objective tests dry slalom, wet slalom, wet total lap time, wet lateral Gs, and wet 50-0 mph ABS stop, and second in the objective tests dry total lap time and dry 50-0 mph ABS stop.

“The new Vredestein Quatrac Pro looks like a game-changer with its excellent performance in our test during warm everyday driving conditions,” says Woody Rogers, Product Information Specialist at Tire Rack. “We’re keen to see its snow and ice capability once winter weather arrives.”

The Quatrac Pro
The recently launched Quatrac Pro is the first all-season tyre tailor-made for powerful cars and SUVs in the ultra-high-performance segment. As such, it benefits from a performance-oriented construction and material design, as well as eye-catching design by Italdesign Giugiaro.

The Quatrac Pro is renowned for its short braking distances and excellent handling on wet roads thanks to the wider longitudinal grooves and diverging grooves in the shoulder area. First-class traction on wet and snowy surfaces is assured due to a sophisticated tread compound with high silica and resin content. Distinctive winter and summer sides guarantee high performance in all seasons.

The Apollo Aspire XP Winter also did superbly well in the test – being rated ‘Eco-Meister’ by Auto Bild Magazine tyre test boffins... one of only two tyres to receive the accolade. And the Aspire XP Winter received special praise for its value for money it offers drivers.

The Aspire XP Winter was one of the six tyres to be given the ‘exemplary’ mark in the test, with the Auto Bild specialists especially praising its performance in terms of wet and dry handling and short snow braking paths. The model came fourth overall, and was one of just two to receive the highest or second-highest mark in every single trial. Moreover, the Aspire XP Winter was one of only two tyres to be granted the magazine’s Eco-Meister seal of approval.

The Apollo Aspire XP Winter is a perfectly balanced winter tyre. Lateral sipes in the shoulder area provide superb traction on snow and excellent water evacuation in curves, while multi-directional sipes and grooves in the centre result in outstanding snow handling and wet performance. Wear-resistant polymers in the tread compound, designed especially for low temperatures, ensure a long lifespan.


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