NEWS: RAVENOL Launches Revolutionary New Oil Technology Range: USVO®

Our friends and choice of lubricants for our project cars for a decade or more over at RAVENOL have introduced a mind-bending "revolutionary new oil technology" called Ultra Strong Viscosity Oil, or USVO®.

This cutting edge lubricant technology has initially been developed and extensively tested with their international motor racing and rallying partners... and is now being introduced for road cars.

But what is USVO and how does it compare to other existing technologies on the market today?

It's pretty tricky stuff, so I'll let them explain...

"Put simply, RAVENOL’s USVO® technology works by further improving their already high-quality base oils. The RAVENOL USVO® fully-synthetic base oil is a special formulation of high-quality Polyalphaolefin (PAO) oils with Highly Polar Basic Components (HPBC) which allows additives to dissolve evenly in the oil without the need for the ionised nanoparticle supports utilised by many competitors. This has led to the creation of an oil with an extremely high shear resistance, meaning practically no loss of viscosity between service intervals. This means a huge reduction in fuel dilution and virtually no loss of oil pressure, even when used in the most extreme racing and rallying conditions.

"Many other brands’ PAO base oils, although still fully synthetic, have low polarity, meaning additives do not dissolve well or spread evenly through the oil. This has led to some additives, such as Molybdenum, settling out as a sludge or forming layers which can block oil pipes or cause the tips of gears to burn. Nanoparticle supports may help solve some of these problems, but they have no effect on reducing shear rates, meaning the viscosity level will still drop over the duration of use.

"To complement the USVO® technology, RAVENOL’s PAO base oils have a very broad temperature spectrum, meaning the RAVENOL USVO® oils naturally have better stability at high temperatures, whilst the unique technology helps the oil to reach the points to be lubricated faster giving excellent cold-start characteristics. Friction levels are minimised, helping improve efficiency and fuel economy, whilst the low volatility of the oils leads to a reduction in oil loss through evaporation. In addition, the fully synthetic base oils in USVO® products have extreme resistance to oxidation and higher thermal conductivity for better engine cooling. And as with our CleanSynto® technology, they help clear engine deposits, keeping engines cleaner and running smoothly, whilst reducing harmful emissions."

Basically, if you're looking for a cleaner-running, more powerful, longer lasting engine oil that will help your engine live longer & stronger too... you need to take a look at RAVENOL’s USVO®  – "liquid engineering at its finest!"

Find out more here and on their website.


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