NEWS: TV mechanic Edd China gives green light to Energizer® Jump Starter

TV mechanic and all-round good egg, Edd China knows a thing or two about how to keep your car running smoothly.

That’s why he’s showing his support for the Energizer® Jump Starters – a range of portable lithium-based battery chargers that are so small they can fit in your pocket, handbag or glove box.

Following testing, Edd has thrown his support behind the collection of Energizer® Jump Starters, with their compact size, power and easy-to-use functions making them must-haves for car, bike and boat owners everywhere.

Ready to assist in an emergency, the Energizer® Jump Starters are powerful enough to start a 3.0l diesel or 4.0l petrol car several times from a single charge making them a reliable, low-maintenance and easy to use must-have gadget for keeping you on the move when you need it most.

Speaking about the Energizer® Jump Starter, Edd said: “A flat battery is a real nuisance. While jump leads are relatively straightforward, they can be dangerous if administered wrongly – and that’s if you’ve got another car around in the first place to give your car a jump-start. The Energizer® Jump Starter is a lightweight and extremely convenient jump-starting solution that packs a serious punch.

“Simple and very quick to use, the Energizer® Jump Starter even features a unique, smart EC5 connector – ensuring over-current protection – making it much safer to use than other jump starters and jump leads. Whether you own a car, bike or even a boat, the Energizer Jump Starter ensures you never get caught out again.”

The Jump Starters provide up to 9,000mAh and feature a cross polarity safety function, offering important protection from short circuiting.

More information about the Energizer® Jump Starter is available at


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