PRODUCT: @goodwoodrevival stand find: Toft Workshop

Serendipity is a wonderful thing! Diving for cover from a particularly cruel section of Saturday's storm at Goodwood Revival threw us blind into the trade tent of the family firm that is Toft Workshop.

The splendid sight that greeted us was nothing short of pure nostalgic joy – perfectly on message for Goodwood Revival – as neatly displayed on a felt cloth table was their wonderful range of "ethically sourced, hand made, completely unique and beautiful to look at" wooden gifts, all made from some seriously old and gorgeous reclaimed timber.

The Longhurst family have created the business from a work shed hobby – crafting simple, stunning and stylish children's toys from timber that is hundreds of years old. And here they are now, with a brand that deserves a boost – selling to just the right audience at Goodwood Revival. Good on them.

The timber toys are lovingly, carefully, slowly and skilfully crafted from bits of old church, ballroom floor and even wood reclaimed from the colleges of Cambridge. I think there was even talk of wood from an old banana drying room room from the 1800s! And they were doing live demonstrations creating these magnificent items to cherish at the Revival. The smell was fantastic.

Owner Dominic Longhurst greeted us drowned Revival rats with a much-welcome huge smile and proudly showcased his range of terrifically tactile toys – with the old kiddy favourites of trains (which the Road Magazine child testing department went home with), tractors and karts, to their brilliantly evocative (and ever increasing range of) models of retro racing classics, like the BRM V16 Type 15 & 30, Talbot T26C, Type 35 Bugatti and Ferrari 250 GTO.

"Because every piece created is unique, we like to treat them that way buy giving everyone its own personal number, which is stamped into the timber. To give a second life to this wonderful timber is really pleasing to us and we hope you get as much pleasure from our creations," said Dominic.

And that's Christmas and birthdays sorted for quiet a few people we know for quite a few years!
We wish you every success with the Toft Workshop toys folks!



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