NEWS: 2016 BAC Mono Gets Wider Chassis & Larger Cockpit

The 170mph, mind-melting, single-seater, road and track eater that is the BAC Mono gets a new wider chassis to offer more space in the cockpit for 2016.
BAC say the new chassis creates as much as 56mm in extra interior room – perfect for all the enlarged bellies of those rotund middle aged men who will be piloting these around Europe's finest circuits ;-)
The low inertia weapon's exterior dimensions, weight and aerodynamics remain unchanged, as does the Mono’s trademark blistering performance and handling: 0-60mph still takes just 2.8s!
In addition, there will be new carbon fibre interior panels available this year, bringing a high-tech look to the cockpit of this futuristic looking luxury sports car – not to mention further low inertia goodness, and style.
In a press release, BAC said: "The chassis has been redesigned, to move the sides of the tubular steel safety cell outwards, while new, slimmer side panels make even more of the changes. The changes have come about thanks to our close relationship and ongoing communication with its customers. The re-engineering of the chassis brings 25mm of extra space on either side, while the new panels bring another 3mm on both sides of the driver. Overall, this means there is now a total of 56mm extra width in the Mono’s cockpit.
"However, the changes are all under the surface of the Mono, meaning that the car’s exterior dimensions remain the same. As a result, the Mono’s precisely engineered aerodynamics are unchanged, as are the car’s phenomenal handling abilities. The breath-taking performance levels are also untouched by the changes, so the Mono retains its 2.8sec 0-60mph time, and top speed of 170mph."
And BAC co-founder Ian Briggs said: “Every change we make to the Mono is aimed at improving it for our customers, and this upgrade is intended to make the most of the space for the driver. Thanks to the close relationship we enjoy with our customers, we are in regular dialogue with them and this change has come as a result of this. The changes will widen the appeal of the Mono, particularly as we expand into new markets such as America and the Far East.”
The new, wider chassis Mono will be on sale from summer 2016.


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