PRODUCT: Öhlins Suspension Kit for VW Golf MkVII

Suspension Gods Öhlins have unveiled a "road and track" suspension kit for the Mark VII Volkswagen Golf (a brand now in its 40th year and with an incredible 27 million sales worldwide can you Adam  & Eve?!)... which is great news for fans of flat-handling Dubs.
The gorgeous looking kit comprises of uprated lowering springs offering "a subtle stance adjustment" – dropping the front by 15mm from stock, and the rear by 20mm. The coil units themselves are preload-adjustable, and the front springs have a rate of 70N/mm, the rears 50N/mm. Then of course there's the magic Öhlins dancing... mmmmm.
Of course, the Öhlins R&T kit is fully TÜV-approved and also has Swiss and Belgian type approval. The shocks use the standard top-mounts, saving time, money and fuss. They're available now with a suggested retail price of 2,424.37 € plus local taxes, from Öhlins dealers worldwide.
Öhlins says: "Part of the Golf's appeal has been its dynamic 'hot-hatch' versions, which combine everyday usability with great performance. The first GTI was sold in 1975, and there have been high-performance Golfs ever since, right up to today's four-wheel drive 296bhp Golf R.
"Öhlins has been making performance suspension for the Golf and we're pleased to announce our new Road and Track (R&T) suspension upgrade package for the Mark VII Golf range. Suitable for 2WD and 4WD models, the R&T kit includes a pair of replacement front MacPherson strut coilover units, plus replacement rear shock absorbers and coil springs. Aimed at performance-minded drivers, the R&T kit massively improves roadholding, handling and grip over the stock Golf suspension. Yet ride quality remains high and thanks to full adjustability, different settings can be dialed in for road or track use.
"Öhlins damper units are built to perform – and last. So they have a two-year limited warranty, and are fully rebuildable. They're made of tough, lightweight components for reduced unsprung mass and better roadholding. Plus of course, they have adjustable compression and rebound damping, allowing the driver to fine-tune the suspension performance for their needs. At the heart of the dampers is Öhlins' signature Dual Flow Valve (DFV) system, that gives optimum wheel control in all conditions, improving traction and grip."


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