BLOG: Nürburgring N24 Subaru Race Report by Tim Schrick

Following the epic class win & 18th place overall for Team Subaru with their phenomenal WRX STi race in the 2015 Nürburgring 24-Hour this weekend, we had a chat with our mate & one of the team drivers, Tim Schrick about what the race was like and working with Team Subaru.
Here's what the lovely, lovely man had to say: "What a great experience!! The dedication of the Japanese guys is unbelievable. It gave me a lot motivation!
"Without much testing (because of accidents in the qualifying race in April and at VLN2 earlier this year) the new race car was near to perfection. And to get 18th overall: Oh. My. God!!! There were two SP7 and 16 GT3 cars in front of us... which is just unbelievable!
"In the beginning of the race, I was very careful in traffic and at a safe limit not to destroy anything. But in the end, all four drivers were at almost equal speed! Yamauchi san, who was born in 1988 (27 years old) is a rookie, with just a few laps of experience. He did a very, very good job: Almost unreal. And all the drivers and all the team are very nice guys. We laughed a lot through the long race... which I think helped a lot coming through the long, dark night's racing.
"Wire to wire, starting first in the second group of cars, we increased the gap to the other SP3T cars constantly. In the end, we won and had a lead of 12 laps. It was just superb. Thank you Subaru!Thank you STI! Thank you Team! Thank you supporters. What an experience!"

Cheers Tim! We love you! We love Subaru! We love N24! So this was a marriage made in heaven for us! Well done to all involved. And here's to a top 10 in 2016 ;-)

You can see more images & video here.

Images: Subaru Official 


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