NEWS: RMA Track Days Return to Green Hell

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, silence the pianos and with muffled drum, bring out the Nordschleife gear... let RMA come! 
Yep... our fav ever track day event is back... Nurburgring Nordschelife, with Graham Clarke's RMA, July 28th. Bring it on! 
The man who was one of the first to start arranging track days, with low numbers, amazing cars, tons of track time, lots of space and legendarily strict drivers' briefings on the best circuit on the planet, RMA boss, Graham Clarke said: "The Ring is without doubt the most unique and challenging circuit in the world, renowned and respected by the great and the good of motor sport and revered the world over.  RMA have run many days at the Nurburgring and appreciate only too well the importance of a high standard of driving etiquette. This event is not suitable for the complete novice – unless accompanied by one of our instructors. All participants should have attended at least six track days (not necessarily all with RMA). Those who have not driven the Nordschleife before are STRONGLY advised to attend a public day prior to our event, book an instructor for the day (we can help) and even spend time on the Playstation Nordschleife game to reinforce their knowledge of the circuit. We cannot stress strongly enough the necessity to take this circuit seriously, with proper respect and understanding that there is no better drivers circuit in the world but a cavalier attitude will almost certainly result in a rapid excursion into the wall with a substantial damage bill, not only for the car but also the guard rail and any other damage that may occur to the circuit."
The cost of the event is £650 for non-members and £595 to members – which, believe me, is money well spent. We used to attend all of Graham's RNA Ring days "back in the day" and they are STILL the best track days we've been on. The stuff of track day dreams and definitely something to tell the grandkids about. Get involved!
And we'd advise making full use of their first rate instructors too – who will get you flying around the Green Hell like Jackie S in no time. The extra cost might sound steep at is £125 per hour, £450 per half day or £800 per day, but when you're lapping like a God and come back safe and sound... you will be buzzing over your steak on a hot stone in the Tiergarten's legendary Pistenklause restaurant that night. Who knows, even our good buddy Sabine Schmitz will be one of them. She usually is...  


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