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As the first UK snow starts to fall, we've been doing more getting ready for Winter preparations this week! And here's what the roadside recovery giant RAC says is "everything you need for Winter driving" (not including sense & skill behind the wheel of course).
They say: "As Winter approaches, it is a good idea to prepare yourself and your car for the unpredictable weather and the dark nights. The RAC Shop has everything you need to give you peace of mind and keep your journeys safe during the winter months."
Best of all, some of it is on sale right now... including:

Winter Frost Kit, currently 20% off – Was: £19.99 Now: £15.99
Hardcore Winter weather means deeply frosty windscreens and grimly scraping away the ice on dark winter mornings – not to mention getting out of bed 20 minutes earlier in order to do all this, in the dark! The RAC's useful, compact kit is just what you need to make light work of defrosting your car/pathway to your car and getting on with your journey fuss-free, in minutes.
The RAC Winter Frost Kit includes:
* De-icing salt for driveways
* Windscreen frost cover
* Groovy orange 3-in-1 ice scraper
* Lush smelling Screen wash (1 litre)
* Trigger de-icer (500 ml)
* Pack of two hand warmers
* Window brush with ice scraper
* Handy black storage bag

Snow socks, currently 30% off – Was: £49.95 Now: £34.97
Keep this lightweight pair of snow socks in your boot this Winter – so you won't get stuck in the snow. Fitted easily over your tyres, these non-wooly socks give your car extra grip in ice and snow on un-gritted roads. Storage bag and gloves included. Geek chic! 
But be aware, these are not suitable for 4x4 SUVs like Project Beast Range Rover, with its 20-inch rims. They will however fit on Project Ecowagon, so we look forward to testing these in the snow soon...

Snow brush – £5.99
Clear your car properly and safely this Winter with this handy snow brush and detachable ice scraper. Ideal for smaller cars, the soft bristles on the RAC Snow brush mean you can remove snow from the windows, roof, lights and number plate without scratching your paint work. Simples. It also makes a great tickling stick as I discovered happily ;-)

Phone Charger – £9.99
Knowing that your constantly power hungry smart phone is fully charged gives peace of mind when driving during the Winter months. Keep this USB charger (that plugs into your cigar lighter) in your car in case of emergencies, to help you keep in touch and call for assistance. Just remember to bring your phone charging cable too!


  1. The window brush / ice scraper combo is a must and when you need them the stores will be sold out. During the restore of this E34 M5 I put one in the trunk and the mechanic asked, "Why? It's summer." My response was, I'll need it!


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