NEWS: "Fastest Station Wagon In The World" – E61 M5 Touring by G-Power

Celebrating 30 years of big BMW power, German tuning company G-Power has launched the new “RR” version for the BMW M5/M6 Bi-Kompressor-System, based on a BMW M5 E61 Touring, with a whopping 820bhp – claiming it's "the fastest station wagon in the world." And knocking out 224mph, who can argue?
The new supercharged V10 beast follows on from the 2010 a G-Power M5 Hurricane (sedan), which became the world’s fastest sedan, first by clocking 367.4 km/h (228mph), then 372.1 km/h (231mph)!
The new G-Power M5 Hurricane RR Touring offers:
- 820 hp (603 kW) @7,500 rpm (+ 313 hp / 230 kW over standard M5 power)
- 790 Nm @ 5,000 rpm (+ 270 Nm)
- V-max: 362 km/h (limited), 224mph
- 0-100 km/h: 4.4s
- 0-200 km/h: 9.5s
- 0-300 km/h: 25.6s
Quite impressive stats eh?
G-Power says: "Of course the G-Power Hurricane RR Touring sets new performance standards not just for top speed: With sprint times of less than 4.4 seconds from standstill to 100 km/h, 9.5 seconds to 200 km/h and 25.6 seconds to 300 km/h, the two-ton station wagon is at the head of the pack in these categories as well. But that’s not all. The price for the G-Power M5/M6 V10 Bi-Kompressor-System during the “GP Edition 30 Years” promotion might be a surprise, too – € 7.300 excluding VAT. 
"The secret behind the unrivalled price of the G-Power supercharger systems is founded in constant evolution process of the system that allows in its current state use of state-of-the-art production processes and that fore the methods of serial production. The supercharger mounting plates for the two powerful ASA T1-316 superchargers and the complete air ducting, for example, are made from lightweight cast aluminium. Based on the world wide unique serial production of aftermarket supercharger systems with large numbers, along with the experience gained from more than 150 installed M3 V10 Bi-Kompressor-Systems after its introduction six years ago and the continuously product development, it is possible to constantly offer high level quality at this unrivalled low price."
The new cars also features 20-inch G-Power Silverstone wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport tyres measuring 255/35 ZR 20 and 285/30 ZR 20. And handling is also enhanced by the G-Power G5-RS coil over suspension, with a scary nine-way adjustability for compression and rebound plus infinitely variable height adjustment. Then there's the much-neded enhanced brake set-up, with G-Power's own Hurricane spec brae conversion, with a disc diameter of 396 mm on the front and 380 mm on the rear, combined with 6 and 4-pot callipers respectively – offering deceleration forces upwards of 1g. Or they offer a ceramic brake set-up to reduce unsprung mass by 50%.
G-Power adds: "The new RR Touring does not only set benchmarks in performance, but also when it comes to individuality and exclusivity. The interior of the M5 Touring, upholstered by G-Power in premium leather and Alcantara offers an impressive proof of what is possible above and beyond “BMW Individual” equipment. The painstaking work carried out by hand by our craftsmen goes far beyond simply upholstering virtually every surface with the finest grades of leather and Alcantara. In contrast to many leather workshops, we take the time to reshape the original BMW seat cushions. Only thanks to this unique technology can the distinctive look created by G-Power be achieved in combination with an optimum synthesis of comfort and lateral grip." 
The interior upgrade includes front seats, rear seats and the door panels – even the floor mats and the trunk cover has been made from premium leather and covered with stitching – G-Power logos in the front seats and the headlining set tasteful accents in this sophisticated composition of Carbon, leather and Alcantara. Then there's a powerful audio system, electric powered iPads in the rear of the front seats, a lowerable main monitor from the headlining and an Apple iMac incl. Apple TV enable leisure time or productive work according to the desires of the car’s owner. 
G-Power add: "The special highlight of the multimedia entertainment system is the centered control of each component, like for example the interior lights or all electrical powered elements (iPads, main monitor and Carbon folding tables) through the G-Power app, exclusively developed for this purpose."          
Quite an incredible package, I think you will agree?
Although maybe the colour of the demo car could have been different…?! BL-ing!

Formed in 1983, the G-Power brand has created some insane cars, holding various world records. including:
- Fastest BMW sedan with 730hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE and a top speed of 360 km/h
- Fastest LPG-powered car with the 660hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE GS and a top speed of 333 km/h
- Fastest Sedan with the 750hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS on the ATP high-speed oval in Papenburg with a measured top speed of 367.4 km/h. G-POWER exceeded its own record with the 800hp G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RR with a top speed of 372 km/h
- Fastest 4-seater coupe with the 750hp G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS and a top speed of 370 km/h
- Fastest station wagon with the 820hp G-POWER M5 Touring HURRICANE RR and a top speed of over 362 km/h (governed)
- Fastest BMW 1 Series with the 600hp G1 V8 HURRICANE RS and a top speed of over 330 km/h
- Fastest BMW M3 V8 with the 580hp G-POWER M3 SK II and a top speed of over 333 km/h 


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