NEWS: Goodyear Wrangler Off Road Tyre Award & New TreadMax Tyres

Goodyear tyres are having a good week! 
First their heavy-duty, off-road Wrangler rubber has been chosen as the best off-road tyre by readers of the German trade magazine Off Road. It won in the category “Traction Tyres” against 13 others brands and voted for by 75,000 readers.
Goodyear says: "The Wrangler DuraTrac was developed for use in tough terrain. The varying width of the shoulder blocks, not only longitudinal but also laterally, allows the Wrangler DuraTrac to break up certain surfaces, especially loamy ones, more easily, blazing a trail time and again." 
“With the Goodyear traction tyre, robust off-road vehicles can handle even challenging off-road terrain on rocky surfaces,” said Holger Rehberg, Goodyear Product.
Additionally, Goodyear has also just introduced two new Retreads – the Marathon Coach and Ultra Grip Coach Tyres, the very latest coach tyres now available in TreadMax range.
The TreadMax Marathon Coach all position tyre and TreadMax UltraGrip Coach winter drive
tyre are now both available in size 295/80R22.5 as moldcure retreads.
The TreadMax products, which have the same tread pattern, compound and features as new tyres, have been developed following the "Multiple Life Concept" approach. This allows coach operators to make full use of their tyre assets, for reduced cost per km, without compromising on tyre performance. The tyres feature a combination of technologies, called TravelMax, which include Silefex tread compound and an asymmetric design, to extend mileage in particular.
The Marathon Coach is an all position tyre for year-round use. Its unique asymmetric design offers excellent even wear and mileage with a high comfort level. Uneven tyre wear has been a serious problem for tyres on modern coaches, resulting in reduced tyre life. The asymmetric design, which Goodyear has developed specifically for the Marathon Coach tyre, addresses this problem.
The Ultra Grip Coach is a specific winter drive tyre with enhanced snow traction. This tyre is of particular benefit for coaches that operate in areas such as the Nordic Countries and in Alpine regions. The tread design and width give it excellent grip and traction in winter conditions and also low noise levels, which means enhanced passenger comfort.
Goodyear says: "These new tyres are part of the Goodyear comprehensive range of premium moldcure retread products. TreadMax retreads are all manufactured by us in our own facilities using the moldcure process. This is the highest level of quality in retreading, which sees the tyres, after minute examination and preparation, undergoing the retread process using virtually identical tread compounds and patterns to new tyres. This is done using a bead-to-bead process, almost identical to that used in the production of new tyres."
TreadMax Marathon Coach and Ultra Grip Coach moldcure retreads are available in size 295/80R22.5 and are regroovable for maximum life and economy.

 TreadMax Marathon Coach

Ultra Grip Coach


  1. The Ultra Grip Coach tyres look like they could cause some serious damage off road! I wonder what the tyre prices will be when they're released?

  2. It saves money, after all. Of course, it’s actually better for you to spend a little more to get better quality out of your tyres. That will save you more in the long run.

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  4. That Goodyear Tyres looks great quality - which of the two below would you suggest for daily use?


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