VIDEO: Jaguar F-TYPE 'Focused' Film: Testing On The Green Hell

And this is Jaguar film even better! Road Magazine pal, Dirk Schoysman – a Nurbrgring Nordschleife racing and manufacturer testing God, with some 16,000+ laps under his belt – gets to grips with the new Jaguar F-TYPE and makes set-up changes at the Jaguar test facility at Meuspath, in the shadow of the Green Hell. The viral film 'Focused' was all filmed at The Nürburgring motorsports complex in Germany. Widely considered one of the most demanding purpose built racing circuits in the world - there is nowhere else like the Nordschleife (the North Loop) and although it is a track, due to its bumpy and fast flowing nature, with lots of rise and fall, it makes the perfect road car development arena. In the film, we see Dirk and the engineers testing the F-TYPE through a series of sustained high speed laps with rapid changes of direction, gradient, speed, braking, and surface to help refine the cars set up, damping, braking systems, for the most punishing lap on the Green Hell. The aim is to prove the F-TYPE's sporting credentials and real world liveability. Job done! It also sounds magic... and looks a little tail happy too, which we like... Fabulous!


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