BLOG FEATURE: Bentley Mulsanne 7-litre V8 Twin Turbo

Talented motoring journalist, Richard Barnett gives the new Bentley Mulsanne a run for its big money: 
"Editor Phil said I had up to 500 words to review the Bentley Mulsanne, but I think you could do it on the number of fingers on one hand: big, rapid, luxurious, stunning. And that leaves the thumb out.
Word count aside, Bentley’s top-of-the-tree luxury saloon, which sits above the Continental Flying Spur, actively replicates those pre-war Bentleys that built the maker’s reputation for mixing power with a finely-appointed interior. 
And in the Mulsanne the power certainly does the talking: mash that heavily-sprung accelerator pedal to unleash the twin turbo'd, seven-litre V8’s power onto that unsuspecting tarmac. 
Being rear-wheel drive the ‘sanne feels less friction-constrained than the four-wheel drive Continental. The seven-speed automatic is almost seamless, but to be that good at changes up and down the range would take away the fact that despite its size, this is a car that the owner should be driving, rather than reclining in the back keeping an eye on share values or who’s giving the best odds at Haydock Park that afternoon.
In many ways the Mulsanne is a dual-personality car: yes, it’s highly luxurious: but then again, it’s seriously rapid, but in a way that lacks the urgency of its lower-priced Continental siblings.
However, along with that seriously grin-inducing straight-line performance the Mulsanne is very, very composed through the bends. Thanks to its 22-inch Dunlop Maxx treads grip is unsurpassed and even on wet muddy country roads it simply sticks to the tarmac, leaving you to enjoy the well-composed, gently-weighted steering.
And while the performance is good, the stopping is up to par as well. The brakes are nicely balanced and have a very good, progressive feel that adds to the driving pleasure.
Meanwhile for the passengers there’s plenty of room and plenty of fittings to make each and every journey an occasion. Acres of wood and leather of course recall the Bentleys of years gone by but the way the interior is put together is first rate, the only other car getting near to it (other than the Continental) being Jaguar’s current XJ saloon.
And when it comes to the power game, a car’s appearance doesn’t have to have the desperate cry of ‘look at me’. The Mulsanne is B-I-G, and there’s no getting away from that. But what’s pleasing is that its looks won’t date rapidly and in the same way the 1981-1996 Bentley Eight /Turbo R still looks great, in 10-15 years the current Mulsanne will too.
Successfully blending old-school Bentley traits with new technology, the Mulsanne is King of the Castle in luxury saloons. Power, luxury, room and great looks. In the top-flight super saloon echelons no rapid four-door can best the Bentley…."
Great job Richy, thanks a million pal. When you getting yours? 
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